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March 31, 2010

Hosting Free To Upload Image

Confused looking for hosting free upload image??OK, there is web that allows us to store photos for free.

1. Picasa (
Picasa is a Google product that provides service to save the image. We can save anythink foto to uploap our blog.

2. Imageshack (
ImageShack is hosting a media that is used for storage of image files.
ImageShack provides a link format that you can use to display images on the forums or give you a link images directly.
ImageShack supports image formats JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and SWF.

3. Photobucket (
You must first register for a free account on Photobucket.
You'll get the tools to organize and edit your images.
Photobucket supports image formats JPEG, GIF, BMP and PNG files up to 1 MB free for users.

4. TinyPic (
TinyPic is a photo-sharing services and video owned and operated by which allows users to upload and share pictures and video links on the Internet.
This idea is similar to TinyURL at each uploaded image with the Internet address of a relatively short time.
There is no need to use a TinyPic account.

5. ImageVenue (
ImageVenue is an easy image hosting solution for everyone.
With this website, you can easily upload any image from your computer and share with others in the world.
After uploading an image, this website will automatically create a link to your image.
Copy and paste the link anywhere you want. ImageVenue also will produce a link like BBCode ([img] [/ img]).
All you have to do is copy and paste the generated link.

6. Freeimagehosting (
FreeImageHosting can save images with JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP up to 3 MB, and free for use in emails, forums, auctions and much more.

7. ImageCave (
With free accounts you can ImageCave upload images with GIF and JPEG formats up to size 250 KB.


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