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March 30, 2010

10 Social Networking Sites

Social Networking is another name for community websites. Social Networking is a place for the netter netter collaborate with others. Forms of collaboration include exchange opinions / comments, make friends, send emails to each other, judging each other, exchanging files and others. The point of social networking sites is the interactivity.
Here are 10 Social Networking Sites that might be useful for you:

1. MySpace (
MySpace is a popular social networking site that offers peer networks, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos for teenagers and adults around the world.

2. Facebook (
Facebook Is A Website The themed social networking (Friends Search in the World Maya).
Facebook is a social networking website launched on February 4, 2004 and was founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

3. Windows Live Spaces (
Windows Live Spaces is Microsoft's blogging platform.
Windows Live Spaces is a blog site and social networking technologies based on that replaces MSN Spaces.

4. Friendster (
Friendster is a social networking website where a user will create a virtual identity and then fill in the data itself to then get an account on Friendster.
In Friendster, we can also see friends of our friends and friends of friends of our friends, in addition to seeing our own friends.

5. hi5 (
Hi5 is a site that provides social networking services (social networking).
hi5 is a social networking site most common in Latin America.

6. Flickr (
Flickr is one of the image-sharing site popular, are now used by hundreds of thousands of users and traffic is already very much.
Flickr is a web site for sharing photos and online community sites.
As a popular website for sharing personal photos, the service is used by many bloggers as a photo storage.

7. Orkut (
Orkut is a community web site from Google.
With Orkut, you can share photos, send messages, testimonies, share and upload videos, discuss, interact and more.

8. Flixster (
Flickr is one of the popular video sharing sites.
You can share reviews, movie reviews and rate too.
Flixster also has a database of information related to a very big movie.

9. Multiply (
Multiply is a social networking site with features that enable people to mutually share some media, like photos, videos, and blogs.

10. Netlog (
Netlog is one site that provides social networking services (social networking).
Netlog is a social networking site that is very popular in Europe.


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