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May 22, 2010

Windows | Bootable USB Maker

Bootable USB Maker for Windows XP/ Vista or Wind 7. It's easy to step by step. Introducing the tool for Installing Windows For Your Netbooks, Notebooks, or Desktop from USB Flash Drive.
  • 3 Options and 3 Folders enclosed
  • (1 for Win 7) (1 for Vista/ XP) (1 for XP only)
Full & Very detailed instructions included.

Graphics n Design | Dreamingsoft 123 Flash Menu

123 Flash Menu - A powerful tool for creating impressive and professional menu for 3 steps. The program offers multi-level Flash menu with fully customizable text, font, link, background, border style, shadow style and other special effects. Title Dreamingsoft 123 Flash Menu program was based on the fact that the user guide offers a menu of three simple steps: Select a template, template modification, publication. The program allows you to create dynamic effects (animation, sounds, transparency), but the users do not need programming knowledge. Hundreds of predefined templates make it possible to quickly create a personalized menu. Rublish Wizard helps to generate a complete HTML-code. Flash-menu will work when viewing the various browsers.

  • Hundreds of pre-made templates
  • Fully customizable menu items, include font name, size, color and position
  • Create multi language Flash menu
  • Flash menu can be configured through an external XML file
  • Support multiple menus inside one web page
  • Automatic previewing
  • Automatic Flash size recalculating
  • Support embedded font
  • Support all popular web browsers
  • Menu item can be popped up on mouse click or hover
  • etc
Click here

Game | 4 Elements

Game the puzzle.Now U can played this game..
The ancient kingdom is in trouble! The magic of the four elements that kept it running for centuries has been corrupted! Unlock the four books of magic and collect 16 mysterious cards that will help you bring the kingdom back to life!
Using a mix of classic addictive game play ideas but taking them to a new level with innovative twists, explosive bonuses and spectacular visual effects this game is a load of fun!

System Requirements:
OS: Windows 98/2000/XP/Me/Vista
CPU: 1.0GHz
RAM: 256MB

Office | Cogniview PDF2XL Enterprise

Spending lots of time extracting data from PDF files is just part of the job... right? Not any more, with Cogniview's new PDF to Excel Conversion software.

Cogniview PDF2XL Enterprise is designed to handle the conversion of data from PDF to Excel, from scanned PDFs to Excel or from any other application, screen or report to Excel. Whether your data is found in a native PDF, scanned PDF or in any enterprise application, PDF2XL Enterprise will instantly extract your data to Excel. PDF2XL Enterprise is designed for Excel users and is very easy to operate. If you know how to define a table in Excel you can get the data from your PDF documents, reports and screens into neatly formatted Excel sheets. PDF2XL combines the strengths of the IRIS professional OCR technology with PDF2XL's data conversion capabilities.
PDF2XL Enterprise will convert data from any application, screen or report into Excel. If you work with applications that do not easily lend its data to excel, just print the report or screen and PDF2XL Enterprise will extract your data into Excel.

PDF to XLS conversion feature summary:
  • Opens and displays PDF file
  • Allows to define the PDF to XLS conversion layout
  • Shows a preview of the PDF to XLS conversion
  • Allows to convert PDF to XLS file
  • Allows to convert PDF to Excel application
  • Allows to determine format of exported data
  • Allows multiple page conversions of PDF to XLS

May 14, 2010

Web Creator Pro 5.1 Portable

Hey Guys, there is news software to design a website..the name is Web Creator Pro.

A powerful software tool to create a site design without the knowledge of programming languages. The set of templates with the possibility of further modification. Good tool for those who do not know programming languages, but would like to express themselves in creating this site.
  • Choose a template library of thousands of sites and pages with themes, including the: industry, commerce and services sectors.
  • Group all the elements on the same level with a unique service program overlay layers for movement or interaction with a multitude of elements with a single command.
  • Insert elements: images, logos, animations.
  • Customize your template to give color to match your logo or any image with the help of the service program sample color.
  • Add your visual effects (transparency, shadows, frames and many others) directly from the graphics library.
  • Come to the Internet: a simple integrated module of the transmission and analysis of the weight of pages, one click publish and upload finished pages / Web sites.
It's workn on OS: Windows 2000 | XP | Vista | 7

Column 1

Menu 2.1
Menu 2.2
Menu 2.3

Column 2

Menu 1.1
Menu 1.2
Menu 1.3
Menu 2.1
Menu 2.2
Menu 2.3
Menu 3.1
Menu 3.2
Menu 3.3

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