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May 22, 2010

Graphics n Design | Dreamingsoft 123 Flash Menu

123 Flash Menu - A powerful tool for creating impressive and professional menu for 3 steps. The program offers multi-level Flash menu with fully customizable text, font, link, background, border style, shadow style and other special effects. Title Dreamingsoft 123 Flash Menu program was based on the fact that the user guide offers a menu of three simple steps: Select a template, template modification, publication. The program allows you to create dynamic effects (animation, sounds, transparency), but the users do not need programming knowledge. Hundreds of predefined templates make it possible to quickly create a personalized menu. Rublish Wizard helps to generate a complete HTML-code. Flash-menu will work when viewing the various browsers.

  • Hundreds of pre-made templates
  • Fully customizable menu items, include font name, size, color and position
  • Create multi language Flash menu
  • Flash menu can be configured through an external XML file
  • Support multiple menus inside one web page
  • Automatic previewing
  • Automatic Flash size recalculating
  • Support embedded font
  • Support all popular web browsers
  • Menu item can be popped up on mouse click or hover
  • etc
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