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May 14, 2010

Web Creator Pro 5.1 Portable

Hey Guys, there is news software to design a website..the name is Web Creator Pro.

A powerful software tool to create a site design without the knowledge of programming languages. The set of templates with the possibility of further modification. Good tool for those who do not know programming languages, but would like to express themselves in creating this site.
  • Choose a template library of thousands of sites and pages with themes, including the: industry, commerce and services sectors.
  • Group all the elements on the same level with a unique service program overlay layers for movement or interaction with a multitude of elements with a single command.
  • Insert elements: images, logos, animations.
  • Customize your template to give color to match your logo or any image with the help of the service program sample color.
  • Add your visual effects (transparency, shadows, frames and many others) directly from the graphics library.
  • Come to the Internet: a simple integrated module of the transmission and analysis of the weight of pages, one click publish and upload finished pages / Web sites.
It's workn on OS: Windows 2000 | XP | Vista | 7


Gudang Ilmu said...

very nice
thanks sobat infonya

tomo said...

Asyiknya ada software pembuat web.sip kawan

Uswah said...

Dimana link downloadnya.aku mau mencobanya

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