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April 1, 2010

Human Personality from Status Facebook

Facebook ..::.. ..::.. who is not familiar with Facebook? From small (child's elementary school) to adults, all familiar with this social networking. With facebook, you can search for friends, old friends, friends, girlfriends, even the business could also be achieved .. Well, here we can assess the personality of my friends who have social networking on Facebook. Please read, examined and selected, including where we are ... 

1. Super Human Update Whenever and wherever always update the status. His status is not very long but it looks to make uncomfortable, because the things that are less important are also published.
"Lagi makan di restoran A..", "Dalam perjalanan menuju
neraka..", "Saatnya baca koran..", dan sebagainya.

2. Human Melancholy Usually always confide in status. Either because they want a lot given the comments from friends or just pour unek-uneknya to facebook. Usually this type of person to tell his story and sometimes ask a best solution to another.
"Kamu sakitin aku..lebih baik aku cari yang lain..", "Cuma kamu yang terbaik buat aku..terima kasih kamu sudah sayang ama aku selama ini..".  
3. Tailor Human complained Morning, noon, PM, everything is always there complained aja.
" Jakarta maceeet..!! Panas pula..", "Aaaargh ujan, padahal baru nyuci mobil..sialan. .!!", "Males ngapa2in.. cape hati gara2 si do' i..", dsb.

4. Human Smug Maybe some of them ga intend to brag, but sometimes people who see it, that in fact can not be as lucky as him, to feel if its status was too arrogant, and even make resentful.
"Otw ke Paris ..!!", "BMW ku sayang, saatnya kamu mandi..aku mandiin ya sayang..",  "Duh, murah-murah banget belanja di Singapur, bow,"
5. Human Poetic From the title already clear. His status is always filled with words of pearls, but not clear what he meant. Make us touched? Make us aware of the hidden message? just about the fishing or comments? Until now, the kind of person is still questionable.
Example: "We are each angels with wings is one. And can only fly when hugging each other," "To love and be loved is like feeling the sun from both sides", "If you live to a hundred years, I want to live a hundred years less a day , so I would not ever live without you ".
6. Humans in Bahasa Indonesia Human types can like anything, if melancholy, poetic, arrogance and so forth. But he attempted more cool to say it in Low Gicyu Inggwis ..
Example: "Tie and Chair ..", "I can tooth, you Pink sun .." etc. ..
7. Human Lebay Updates are always themed 'hanging out' by using the language of the gods .. dilebaykan spelling ..
Example .. "moulnin met all who cewrah ... .. pagiiieh xixiixi" <
8. Human Obsess ... But ga .. hope comes true want jd ga can-can artist.
Example: "duwh photocall ... again! Tired ..."
9. Human Sok Tau .. Sotoy tenarnya. Though he himself did not know what he wrote.
Example: "The government always indulge his people .. dll....,"
10. Mania Movies Update .. abis watch movies and love comment ..
Example: "Alice in Wonderland 3 .. Recomended!!", "Batman Begin mantab euy .."
11. Human traders:
Example: "selling shoes blah blah blah"
12. Extension of human society:
Example: "Do not forget to come to the polling station, 5 minutes for 5 years blah blah .."
13. Alay Human .. There are various versions, from the strange writings, or ordinary writing aja, ga it's just common vocabulary like an alien language.
Example: Alay 1: "Duch Gw4 5aYan9 b6t s4ma Lo .. 7aNgaN tin69aL! N akYu yes B3! Bh ..!!" Alay 2: "km mugh s looked ngabwarin aq gag pernach Lagee seech? Kmuw maseeh saiangs same sebenernywa seech aq gag?" Alay 3: "Ouh 9oD MY ..! KYknY4w c GW k3ReNz 48ee5h d3ch ..!!" (Special for this type, ga GPP have in reading also .. I personally also think used to create this writing, although the same who would be less similar to the original ..)
14. Hidden Message Type This type is usually not to the point, but certainly had no intention of let people read it was originally addressed. (Perfect after reading .. if guns? Gradually wait) when you can simply sms aja ya ..
Example: "For you my F ***, I can 't live without you .. you are my blah blah blah ..", "Hey, girl asshole deket2in co lo .. gw doing?! Kyk ga lo aja behavior .." <<<(Ce when it is not in the network, which can be read ... ..: p)
15. Mysterious Type The type that usually make a lot of people asking for what purpose of the status of that person .. Usually in a sentence requiring Subject + Verb + Object + Description. But the people of this type may only take a few or even only 1 course .. And certainly invite controversy.
Example: "Please .." , "Has ended .." <<<(Ass?) ".. Pensive." <<<(So what so, loh)


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