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May 11, 2009


Author: Robert

MP3 (Moving Pictures Experts Group-1 Audio Layer 3) is a digital audio format in a lossy data compression form. It is a popular audio format for audio storage. Several engineers formed Moving Picture Experts Group to develop and design the audio MP3 format which was officially accepted in the year 1991 as an ISO/IEC standard. MP3 format was specifically developed to reduce data space requirement when recording audio output. MP3 can compress audio space consumption without any audible difference compared to its uncompressed recording. Formatting MP3 employs perpetual coding, which reduces sound parts that are inaudible to most people’s ears. This type of formatting is very similar to JPEG’s image compression design. MP3 audio format has become popular to many users and are now adapted by many players. Types of MP3 players Flash Memory Player Flash memory player is a very small and light type of player that can only contain limited numbers of MP3 songs. It does not employ moving mechanical parts and is structured to function at a minimal power requirement. This MP3 player has the longest battery life and is ideal to keep you company during long walks or jogging.
Hard Drive Players Hard drive MP3 players are ideal for people who prefer to carry all their MP3 collection. It can accommodate large amount of MP3 data files and are also heavier compared to a regular flash memory player. It does not employ and moving parts and is therefore skip-free. This type of MP3 player provides more built-in features which operate at higher power requirement which causes shorter battery life. Minidisc MP3 Minidisc MP3 is presented in a very attractive packaging, the only downside is the time consuming MP3 transfer process requirement on this device. Hybrid MP3 Players Hybrid MP3 players can play either MP3 or serve other purpose that a user might need. These devices are packed with longer battery power time to support functionalities other than playing MP3 songs. Tips on buying MP3 player There are many types of MP3 players out in the market. Finding the best player for you is easy if you know what exactly you need and want for your player. - Determine your routines when you will be using your MP3 player. If you are always on the go - jogging, walking or working out you might want to consider a skip-free, light-weight, and small player to place your music in. - Check the player’s features and free accessories. You might want to get an MP3 layer with packaged features that are useful for you, such as FM recorder or stopwatch. This can help you cut your costing. - The memory size of your MP3 layer dictates its storage capacity. Some MP3 players such as flash memory players have limited memory, but will make do with their size and portability. Hard drive players on the other hand provides adequate memory space for large MP3 files, but are too big to fit inside your pocket making it uncomfortable to carry around. - It is most advisable to get an MP3 player with track display especially for those who prefer to carry all their music collection in a single MP3 player. The display can assist locate specific MP3 file easier and faster. - An MP3 player’s battery life is also an important consideration. Some MP3 provides batteries that can be recharged both on a USB slot and through a power outlet.

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