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May 11, 2009

How Does SMS Messaging Work

SMS messaging, or Short Message Service, gives you the ability to use a high performance, un-congested international network to send your messages with premium routing and optimized relay path, and an up time greater than 99.9%, through an SMS gateway.

Through software that utilizes Bulk SMS, Email SMS, Web SMS and API, you can use a SMS gateway for quality delivery and reliability that has thousands of users worldwide. It gives you the ability to send and receive SMS text messages through your computer.

How SMS messaging works:

SMS or Short Message Service is a communication service which is a text message up to 160 characters long, no matter what method is used. Typically used on mobile telephone handsets, utilizing the GSM, it is now available on a wide range of networks, including 3G, and can be used with VOIP systems, and from your desktop computer.

What An SMS Gateway is:

A SMS gateway provider facilitates the SMS traffic between subscribers, acting as the server or network hub for the individual messages, much like a service provider for internet or websites. The SMS Gateway provides the path so that the SMS messages can be sent directly to and from recipients, avoiding delays and message loss, through optimized routing, and is frequently used corporately for communications.

How You Can Send Bulk SMS Messages From Your Email:

It is easy to send bulk SMS messages from your computer utilizing Email programs like Microsoft Outlook or others by utilizing the high volume, SMS traffic IP SMS gateway, which can connect directly to the SMS center of SMS service providers. API's that allow developers of software to receive and send a large amount of messages from their email programs is provided by most IP SMS gateways.

How Companies Can Increase Sales and Customer Loyalty Using SMS

It is easy to reach your customer base by sending bulk SMS reminders or confirmations using your computer, and the SMS can be sent to the recipients in the network. It's an easy way to stay in touch and keep your customers informed of sales, discounts and special promotions.

Redoxygen has been in business for over 8 years and has over 200,000 users globally. They have quality service and support, full version software with complete privacy and no spam. You can try their free, no-obligation SMS service through their trial offer that gives you 25 SMS credits free, or you can contact their sales department for larger corporate free trial programs. It's easy to see how their SMS gateway can work for you; all they need is your name, email address and cell phone to set up your free trial account.

Some of the biggest corporate giants are already clients, like McDonalds, CHASE, Frito Lay, Deloitte, Lilly, USAID and AT.

These companies have been able to increase their customer loyalty as well as make their operations more efficient simply by using SMS in unconventional ways. Now, instead of sending an email or using the phone, short requests and promotional offers, as well as schedules and scheduled meetings are all delivered using an SMS.

Spend a few minutes and think how you can increase your sale, increase you customer loyalty and reduce operating costs by using SMS to deliver the important messages to their pocket - instantly.

About the Author by Nick Dinic
Test out the Red Oxygen Bulk SMS Service (Free Demo Available). Or try out the Microsoft Outlook Email to SMS (Free Demo Available). Or try out the web based SMS Gateway (Free Demo Available).

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