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May 11, 2009

Saving and Opening Documents

Saving Documents
Once you've finished typing a script or edit a document the document should be stored in a file so that when the time required can be opened again.
Step - step to save the document.
Click the File menu, select the Save dialog box so that it appears like the image below.

Figure 16: Save As Dialog Box

In the Save In box specify the drive / directory to save the instance in the My Document.
Select the folder where save.
Type the file name in the File Name box.
Click Save or press Enter if you will be saved, or click Cancel if not saved.
Another way to save the document pressing Ctrl + S or clicking the icon on the toolbar save standard.

Opening Documents
To reopen a document that has been saved through the following steps:
Click on the File menu bar and select Open, so the Open dialog box appears below.

Figure 17: Open Dialog Box
In the look in the folder select the file save the document Ex Data (D)
Select a document file to be opened
Click the Open

Another way to save the document pressing Ctrl + O or click the save icon on the standard toolbar.


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