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May 11, 2009

Using The Menu and Icons

1. How to activate / use the menu and the icons on the menubar
In the Ms. Word 2003 there were nine menubar view that we can use. Menu-menu contains submenus for display purposes during the operation we use Ms. Word 2003.
Menus are:

Figure 10: Display menubar in Microsoft Excel

To activate the menubar at the top we can do in two ways, namely:
a. By using the mouse
We can activate the menubar with the menu click on the title that we want by using the mouse, following the view that menubar is clicked with the mouse.

Figure 11: Display Format Menu

When we choose a menubar in Microsoft Word, we find that the menu looks incomplete is marked with two arrows to the bottom of the child, to display all the submenu click the arrow to the two children down or click twice (double click) the title menu.

Figure 12: Display Menu Table

b. By using the key combination on the keyboard
In addition to using the mouse, we can also activate the menubar using a combination of keyboard keys. Here is the key combination of keyboard keys that are used to activate the menubar in Microsoft Word.


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