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April 7, 2010

Tips Twitter-an

Tips for us to twitter-an:

  • Limit your talk
Users often feel it's easy mencericit about their location and activities. The comments provided in response to light over time can be used to determine the daily schedule of activities and plans for that user. Criminals ready to make it as following the victim.
  • Beware of Opening Links
Many people use a URL shortening service on Twitter, so it is often difficult to really know the site. AVG LinkScanner feature in AVG Antivirus can be used to check these links. But if rising doubts in the liver, the link should not be opened.
  • Watchful
Be aware of suspicious activity in the timeline or inbox. When starting any suspicious messages or your friends start sending spam messages smell, should confirm whether such co acount or not broken.
  • Think before Tweet
Tweet can be read by everyone even after deleted. Think carefully what you write.
  • Do not Hurry Believe
You never know who your follower. Do not easily believe in and make friends with people who may have bad intentions.
  • Check the Third Party Applications
There are hundreds of applications on Twitter. Before you use, ensure its security. Look for a lot of applications are discussed in the trusted sites. Remember that applications always ask for a keyword and IDs.
  • Password Information
Use passwords and e-mail is different for each of your social networking account. That way, when you close the account, You can easily delete the e-mail account.
  • When Log in
Check your browser settings, make sure that the information is not recorded when you use the computer together.
  • Beware of Phishing Attacks
Beware of attempts to obtain personal information through a Tweet or DM.
  • When Using Cell Phones
Be careful with cell phones and anyone who can use it. If you have a Twitter application, make sure you always log out after use.


akhatam said...

Great tips.. Thank's friend..
Keep Blogging.?!lol

masphe said...

Akhtam: Thank's for comment n support..

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