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April 8, 2010

Add-On Important In Google Chrome session 1

Google Chrome has identified himself by name as a fast, lightweight browser. There are several extensions or add-on that is quite useful for ease of browsing with Chrome. Here are some add-on option for Google Chrome:

1. Google Chrome Backup
Google Chrome Backup ( is a small-sized tools are installed and run independently of Google Chrome. Allows you to backup and restore user profile settings Chrome-a necessity before you add another extension.

2. X-Marks
Chrome 4 introduces the bookmarks synchronization for Chrome, but if you want to share your bookmarks and passwords through multiple browsers, at least require Xmarks. Chrome versions are still in early stage development of the alpha, so it would be appropriate if you use the add-on also Xmarks ( for backups.

3. MyWOT
Web site actually is a rather "dangerous", and if you use Chrome but still secure in the browsing, it's worth installing MyWOT. (Http:// This extension will assess whether these sites and search engines with a traffic-light system, which soon will give a warning when you will visit the sites of poor reputation.

4. AdSweep
As the name suggests, AdSweep ( Chrome's extension to remove ads and web pages.

5. Chromed Bird - Twitter Extension 0.3
This extension ( will add a button to your toolbar that makes accessing your twitter account.
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