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November 10, 2009

USB Smaller

use USB like daily need the same as has liked handphone. pico-c-gold, company tekhnologi, say flash drive 8gb this has 28 gold rusts and very hold back towards water. drive this is sagan little even smaller than sd card standard and has also heavy as light as a feather. this tool is compared with gold metal, and ‘anda can see him more like accessories fashion than flash drive with tall performance, ’ advanced company it.

based on report, drive mini this use tekhnologi chp-on-board to decry card is 31mmx12mm with casing gold. flash drive this can to keep 2000 song files and has transfer speed achieves 200x (30mb/second). flash drive this is even also mengeluarkankan with fitur that counter water and guarantee for a lifetime.

product tool sale pico-c gold this also provided according to online at neegg and nebiiz the current week with price tender under $40.


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