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May 14, 2009

Computer network

  1. Does network computer that?
  2. Mention network benefit computer?
  1. Computer network a system that consist of computer and that another network ware together to achieves a aim same.
  2. Computer network benefit:
  • Resource sharing, can use sumberdaya existing according to together. example a user that present 100 km the far from a data, doesn't get difficulty in use data, impressing data present mendekatnya. this matter often is interpretted that computer network mangatasi distance problem.
  • Reliabilitas Tall, with our computer network will get reliabilitas tall with has provision alternative sources. for example, all files can be kept or mencopy second, three atu more computer connections kejaringan. so that when does one of [the] engine broken, so copy at other engine can be used.
  • Save Money, computer berukutan little has price/performance ratio better compared with big computer. big computer likes mainframe has kecapatan approximately ten times little/individual computer speed folds. permanent, price mainframe thousand times more expensive from individual computer. price/performance ratio imbalance and speed here's make system designers to build system that consist of individual computers.
  • Hardware sharing, for wear hardware according to together. with network facilities existence then use tool that named server printer. so a coloured laser printer so expensive the price usable according to together by 10 officials. so also the things of with scanners, plotter, and another tools.
  • Security and Data arrangement, computer in a business environment, with network existence make possible a administrator to mengorganisasi office datas importantest. from in every departement is to separated and data-data spilled out everywhere. important data can at manage in a server back end to then at replikasi or backupped appropriate wisdom companies. so also a admin can controls important datas so that can be accessinged or at edit by people who justifiably.
  • Stability and Computation performance enhanced, in a condition certain, a network can be used to increase overall performance from business application, by computation assignment at distribute to several existing computers in network.


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